Nighttime Oral Care Routine

Nighttime Oral Care Routine

A good nighttime oral care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy smile. This is our routine that we love and swear by.

1. Tongue Cleaning! Use a tongue scraper to gently clean your tongue. This helps remove the build up of bacteria that has accumulated throughout your day. You'll notice the difference right away in how clean your mouth feels! 

2. Brush Your Teeth! Brush your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes. Make sure to brush all surfaces of your teeth – the front, back, and chewing surfaces. We like using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damaging the gums and enamel.

3. Floss! The step that's often missed but possibly the most important. Floss between your teeth to remove plaque and debris that your toothbrush might miss. This helps prevent gum disease and cavities.

4. Rinse! Grab a glass of water and rinse your mouth clean. Simple as that!

5. Breath Serum! Finish with a breath serum to hydrate the mouth and leave you feeling extra fresh and ready for bed!

Things to keep in mind! Avoid snacking after this routine. If you wear a night guard or a retainer, make sure to clean it before placing it in your mouth.

Remember that consistency is key in maintaining good oral health. Doing these steps daily will help you achieve that healthy smile. If you have specific concerns or conditions, it's always a good idea to consult with your dentist for personalized advice.

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