What is the NEW breath spray?

Same formulation, new application. As highly requested by our customers, we've launched our best selling, natural, oil-based breath freshener in spray form.

What is a breath serum?

Mintier created the world's first breath serum, which is designed to give you naturally fresh breath. The Breath Serum is made with clean yet effective ingredients and offered in a 30 ml dropper and 10 ml spray.

What is a tongue cleaner?

As you may have seen on Tiktok or Instagram, tongue scrapers are an important tool for your oral health. Similar to flossing, they help to remove the oral bacteria that lives on your tongue.

Where is this made?

Mintier is made in Canada!

How long will a breath serum last me?

Each spray has 100+ sprays!

Each tincture has 120+ servings!

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