Mintier Unveils Exciting Expansion: Introducing New Pet Line Featuring Natural Breath Spray and Water Additive for Dogs

Mintier Unveils Exciting Expansion: Introducing New Pet Line Featuring Natural Breath Spray and Water Additive for Dogs

Mintier proudly announces the launch of its much-anticipated pet line, designed specifically to cater to the needs of our furry companions. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Mintier is thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking products: the Natural Breath Spray and Natural Water Additive for Dogs.

Understanding the importance of oral hygiene in pets and the significant role it plays in their overall health and well-being, Mintier’s new pet line offers natural solutions to common concerns faced by pet owners.

The Natural Breath Spray for Dogs is expertly crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, carefully selected to combat bad breath effectively. This breath spray provides a refreshing burst of minty freshness, leaving your pet’s breath naturally clean and revitalized.

Additionally, Mintier presents the Natural Water Additive for Dogs, a revolutionary formula designed to promote dental health with every sip. By simply adding a few drops of this natural water additive to your pet’s drinking bowl, you can effortlessly support fresher breath and healthier gums, all while ensuring optimal hydration.

“At Mintier, we believe that our pets deserve the very best when it comes to their oral care,” says Jessica, Cofounder of Mintier. “With our new pet line, we’re excited to offer pet owners effective, natural solutions that prioritize the health and happiness of their beloved companions.”

Mintier’s commitment to quality and sustainability extends throughout the entire production process, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of excellence. The pet line is proudly made in Canada.

The launch of Mintier’s pet line marks an exciting new chapter for the brand, as it continues to expand its offerings and make a positive impact in the lives of pets and their owners. With a focus on natural ingredients and superior efficacy, Mintier remains at the forefront of innovation in the pet care industry.

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About Mintier: Mintier is a leading provider of natural oral care solutions, dedicated to promoting healthier smiles and fresher breath. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, Mintier offers a range of products designed to enhance oral hygiene and overall well-being. From humans to pets, Mintier believes in the power of nature to transform oral care routines for the better.

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