Freshening Up at The Toronto Flea Market: A Breath of Mintier Air

Freshening Up at The Toronto Flea Market: A Breath of Mintier Air

Today, we have an exciting story about our day at The Toronto Flea Market last Sunday!

So, we arrived at The Toronto Flea Market, Rhaelyn and I were super excited for the day. We set up our booth and had both our breath serums and tongue cleaners on display.

Out of the corner of our eyes, we noticed a woman with our Breath Serum. She uncapped the bottle and took 1/2 dropper into her mouth, which on one hand is so typical because it's exactly how you're supposed to use Mintier, but to witness it in person was an entirely different feeling.

At first we weren't sure if she was a bit skeptical but she looked so please. She literally was nodding, and I think her friend smelled her breath- haha. 

Moments later, she shared how she had tried countless breath fresheners, but none had offered such an instant and long-lasting effect as Mintier Breath Serum. Her words were music to our ears, validating the countless hours of research, development, and refinement we had poured into our creation.

We couldn't contain our excitement and gratitude as we thanked her profusely for her kind words and willingness to share her experience with us. It was a pivotal moment, one that reinforced our dedication to providing innovative solutions that make a real difference in people's lives.

The Toronto Flea Market brought us a a pretty memorable experience, one that brought us closer to our customers. We left that day all smiles!

We are grateful for every person who believes in us, supports our mission, and embraces the fresh breath revolution. Stay tuned as we continue to share more stories of transformation and inspiration. Together, let's make every breath count!

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