Introducing the Fresh Breath Pet Line by Mintier

Introducing the Fresh Breath Pet Line by Mintier

About Mintier Pet 

Mintier, the mouth care beauty brand best known for their award-winning breath serum, has now developed a scientifically formulated pet line for dogs. This 2-step pet line is made with natural and health ingredients and includes a pet breath spray and water additive for fresh breath, gum health, and coat health. 

Founded in 2021 by Jessica Donati and Rhaelyn Gillespie, Mintier’s line of mouth care products is focused on the finishing touch of wellness, hygiene, and self-care routines, fresh breath. Mintier is rooted with the values of using better-for-you ingredients, being locally made, and being proudly 100% women-owned. 

Learn more and shop the Pet Set here!

You can find their new pet line exclusively online as they expand to select stores across Canada this April 2024. Follow along on instagram @mintierpet for meetups, events, and more information!
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