Cofounder Rhae's Holiday Gift Guide 🎄

Cofounder Rhae's Holiday Gift Guide 🎄

This holiday season, I'm prioritizing thoughtful gifts that cater to every taste from brands that we've been fortunate enough to come by and connect with. Here's my curated Christmas shopping guide featuring items from luxurious scents to sustainable beauty, we've got it all covered!


🌟 Featured Product: LOHN Lodge Collection- Give the gift of a personalized scent experience. LOHN's Custom Fragrance Kit allows your loved ones to create a bespoke fragrance, ensuring a unique and memorable gift.

2. Glowjar

🌟 Featured Product: Glowjar Moisture Cream- This has transformed my skin with the changing seasons. It improved my skin barrier and is the perfect gift for any man or woman who could benefit from a 'saviour' product for their routine.

3. Carmela & Co.

🌟 Featured Product: Carmela & Co. Signature Winter Toques- I get one in almost every colour to give in each stocking. It's a no-brainer and the colours this year are so on point. Sweatsuits are to die for as well. I practically live in mine all winter!

4. Benny

🌟 Featured Product: Benny Natural Energy Drinks- Made for people (like me) who hate energy drinks but need a mid-day boost. I'm getting the bundle to share over holiday get togethers! All clean ingredients, so very easy to obsess over.

5. Beekeeper's Naturals

🌟 Featured Product: Beekeeper's Naturals Throat Spray- This is a gift my loved ones now receive every single year. This throat spray seriously keeps my feeling healthy and boosts immunity. It's thoughtful and a health-conscious gift and is also on Amazon!

6. Jellco

🌟 Featured Product: Jellco Jelly Face Tint- for my no makeup but look alive girls. This is a serious game changer and the ingredients are incredibly clean. The product builds and gives you an effortlessly flushed look which is perfect for the winter season.

7. Blume

🌟 Featured Product: Blume Holiday Blends- These are seasonal, delicious, and taste like a perfect treat but are somehow good for you?! I definitely recommend these for a Secret Santa, part of a hostess gift, or regular stocking stuffer. 

8. Cheekbone Beauty

🌟 Featured Product: Cheekbone Lip Liner- I love this brand because it's indigenous-owned and environmentally conscious beauty, and have heard so many good things about their Lip Liner. This might be a gift for myself if I'm being honest. They're also available at Sephora! 

9. Lake & Oak Tea

🌟 Featured Product: Relax & Unwind Box- These tea blends are exceptional, and I try to add in at least 1 a year for my immediate family. They are a daily go-to, so soothing, and incredibly tasty. 

10. Jenka

🌟 Featured Product: Sweatsuits & Workout Sets- These literally always sell out, but if you get a chance definitely snag a set, or at the very least a pair of their leggings. These are hands down my favourite leggings & I get compliments every time I wear them. Literally, their leggings do the most. 

This Christmas, make your gift-giving thoughtful and intentional by choosing products from these exceptional brands. Whether you're shopping for homebodies, self-care gurus, or eco-conscious beauty buffs, this guide has you covered. Wishing you a joyful and stress-free holiday season! 🎁🎅

Special shoutout to our retailers who carry a lot of these finds. There's something so special about shopping in your local stores and communities, so please visit our store locator to see what stores in your area we partner with. I can almost guarantee they'll have one of the items on this list, and if they do not for some reason, I'm certain they will have some amazing holiday finds. 

With Love,

Rhae x


PS: Thank you for supporting Mintier this holiday season!

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