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Mintier is proudly Made in Canada!

Welcome to the oil-based breath mint, friend! Give the bottle a quick shake, squeeze the dropper until the tincture is half full, and place directly into your mouth on your tongue. You can feel the palette-cleansing sensation in your mouth, and Mintier is safe to swallow as it’s 100% natural!

Good question! We are the only breath mint made without sugar and sugar alcohols. 


Turns out sugar is the binding ingredient that turns mints/gum into a solid tablet or chewable form. But, sugar feeds oral bacteria… which literally makes your bad breath worse!


The only way to take out bacteria feeding sugar, was to be the first oil-based breath mint, which is why Mintier actually works!


Our products do not contain gluten, nuts or dairy and we currently do not manufacture in a facility that processes these ingredients. However, it is important to note our products are not certified gluten, nut or dairy free, which means that we do not perform additional third party testing for allergens.

One bottle has 120 servings, and lasts our customers 4-8 weeks depending on usage! Mintier has a shelf life of 24 months.

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